Rekha cried and expressed her sorrow, saying, “I kept crying and keeping refusing, but she wouldn’t leave me.”

Bollywood Entertenment

The time for Sangh’rsh has arrived if you wish to pursue a career. It is crucial to put in long hours of work every day if you want to succeed in any industry. Many actors and actresses put in a lot of effort to establish themselves or rise to prominence, even in the entertainment industry.

On television, love stories are frequently depicted. It must have sparked your ro’m’an’tic interest. How are these love stories filmed? How would the actresses be feeling as they were filming that? But during filming, actresses have to deal with a lot of unpleasant things.

A story from one of these sets was told to the media by veteran actor Rekha. When filming amorous sequences, actors frequently become unaware of themselves. Actors and actresses have to endure hardship at times. Moreover, if the actress

She has to go through a lot of pa’in as a result. There is an anecdote involving Rekha. Rekha made her cinematic debut at the young age of 15 and filmed a passionate sequence. Rekha, a stunning actress from Bollywood, became 68 years old.

With her compelling acting and stunning appearance, she has captured the audience’s hearts. His life narrative is on par with a movie plot. Rekha continues to rule the hearts of viewers in every film she stars in. In her career as an actress, Rekha has appeared in over 180 movies.

In addition to this, he has received the Padma Shri Award, 1 National Award, and 3 Filmfare Awards for his acting. Actress Rekha began her career at just 4 years old. Rekha then made her Bollywood debut in 1969 with the movie “Anjana Safar.” Rekha made her Bollywood debut when she was just 15 years old.

His first Hindi movie in his acting career was this one. At the age of 15, Rekha experienced a situation that she had never imagined in her dreams. Rekha actually began her career in movies alongside actor Vishwajit Chatterjee in the film “Anjana Safar.”

Raja Navathe was the director of the movie. During the production of a scene, actor Vishwajit Chatterjee forcibly ki’ssed Rekha for five minutes. The movie was filmed in Mumbai’s Mehboob Studios. The book “Rekha: The Untold Story” mentioned this se’xu’al assault with Bollywood actress Rekha.

The novel “Rekha: The Untold Story” made reference to The Untold Storyha. This book was authored by Yasar Usman. This book claims that Rekha, at the age of 15, was not at all prepared for a sc’ene.

Vishwajit Chatterjee, the movie’s hero, nevertheless forced a ki’ss on her despite this. Rekha was traumatised by the event and sobbed continuously for a while. Media reports claim that this sequence was purposefully left in the movie by filmmaker Raja Navathe.

Rekha, however, received no information in the interim. As soon as the director mentioned the action, Vishwajit Chatterjee grabbed Rekha in his arms and began forcibly ki’ssing her once all the preparations for the scenario were complete.

He gave Rekha constant ki’sses.15 minutes long. Rekha was frightened and closed her eyes, but she soon began crying. Rekha’s ki’ssing sequence in the movie caused a lot of cri’ticism when it was first broadcast.

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